Dog Poop Pick-up

You’re going to love having the service

Greater Omaha area dog owners love having a service that takes care of the never-ending chore.  If you have a dog , our service is perfect for you.  We clean up dog poop so you don’t have to.  You will love having a yard that is free of dog poop, so that you , your dogs, and family can enjoy a safe sanitary environment.  No more fighting over who’s turn it is to scoop the yard.

We also make the cleaning process hassle free.  It is not necessary for you to be home while we clean the yard.  You are also welcome to leave your dog in the yard during our visits.  We are highly experienced with dogs and of course we love them very much so they will be safe and secure.  We also assume a dog is in the yard upon entry and leaving , so don’t worry, those gates will always be closed.  Even if you have an escape artist we are always prepared to keep them safe and secure in the yard.

Professional, hassle free service


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